Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing – More Facts, No Fiction

Today everything is digital, and marketing is no exception. These two terms have become inseparable. When clubbed, digital marketing sounds quite promising. That is why you might also be thinking of doing a course in it.

Well, if so, then know more about the digital marketing jobs available in the market?

SEO Marketer

Hey, do a term as SEO Marketer exists? Indeed it does. And the role of such a professional is quite intriguing too.

Role of an SEO Expert

SEO is a dynamic concept that unravels innumerable challenges. Only an intuitive SEO manager can handle all this. Here are some of the things that these professionals do –

Research Relevant Keywords

An SEO specialist understands the working of Search Engine Optimization. He is an expert in the research and analysis of keywords.

He identifies terms. The ones which people type on search engines to look for things.

Use Keywords

In websites, using keywords is challenging. An SEO expert does the same. He knows how to insert it.

Identify Target Audience

Recognizing relevant keywords is possible only if you know the target customers. An SEO manager is the one who identifies them.

Improve website rankings on Search Engines

SEO professionals use keywords to improve the ranking of the websites. It helps in building branding image. More and more customers learn about the brand.

Generate traffic to Websites

When a website displays on the first page of Google, the chances of getting a visiting are higher than the rest. SEO marketer ensures more traffic to websites.


The income of an SEO manager depends on experience. But, freshers can get paid around 2.5 to 3.5 lac per annum.

Content Marketing Manager

In the digital world, content is of great importance. Once you complete the digital marketing course, you can become a content marketer.

Role of a Content Marketer

A content marketer has many exciting things to do. Some of these are –

Creating Relevant Content

Content generation is a major role of the Content Marketing Manager. Video content is particularly becoming more prominent. As a marketer, you have to look after the content creation. It should be unique and appealing. Only then does it attract users.

Distributing Content

One-half of the work is making content. The other half is distributing it on many platforms. You must focus on selecting the right platform.

Plagiarism Free Content

Marketing content also means ensuring the quality of content. You need to keep it plagiarism-free and highlight the source.


The demand for content managers has increased in the market. You can get paid well even in starting of your career. A fresher can get around 15,000 to 20,000 per month.

Social Media Manager

Handling Social media is more than tweeting. It involves an understanding of different social networking websites.

Role of Social Media Expert

Social media offers the opportunity to grow business and connect to potential customers. A social media manager is instrumental in bridging the gap and bringing businesses and consumers together. Some of the duties performed by them are –

Identifying Important Social Media Platforms


There are umpteen social media websites. All have different styles. A social media marketer identifies which social networking site is inevitable for the success of the client’s business and how to use it.

Developing a Strategy

Once the expert has decided which platforms are best suited to target users, they build a results-driven strategy. This encompasses plans that can boost ROI by converting leads and driving more traffic to the business website.

Building a Positive Brand Image

The exposure offered by social networking sites to businesses is tremendous. A skilled social media expert knows this. That is how they build brand identity. From creating a unique voice of the business and posting it on different platforms. They do all to create a brand image.


Remuneration is handsome for social media professionals. Mostly, they get 25,000 to 45,000. And with experience, it just increases.

Influencer Marketing Managers

Earlier, it was hard to find individuals working as influencers making so much money, as you do today. With digital marketing courses, you can make a career in this field as well.

Role of an Influencer

Influencer marketing has become quite popular. Today, you can find different types of influencers. Some are targeting social media. Others are using blogs and social networking platforms like Instagram, YouTube to connect to their respective audience. They all want to reach their users, and you help them. Some of the roles performed by Influencer Marketer are –

Promoting Content

An influencer content needs to meet popularity among the users. So, promoting it by sharing the content on different platforms and creating a relationship between the audience and the influencer is what an influencer marketing manager does.

Market Research

Understanding what is trending in the market is another necessary thing that an influencer marketer does. They do trend analysis and give an idea to an influencer in capitalizing on their community by creating relevant content.


Building Influencers Relationship

Creating an understanding between influencers and their community is an arduous task. It becomes possible only when a relationship gets built on trust. An influencer marketer uses social media to receive feedback and to start a positive conversation.


There is a surge in the job opportunities of an influencer marketing manager. Certification in digital marketing allows you to get paid somewhere around 3lac to 5lac CTC.

Bottom Line

Choosing Digital Marketing Courses is a great way to start your career. You unwind umpteen career options. All you need is dedication and sincerity.